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Stress Free Wedding

It’s supposed to be the happiest day of your life – But the build up is just not unfolding how you’d planned, now the stress and anxiety are taking over. Then it’s time to stop, take a breath, it doesn’t have to be this way!

Weddings can take weeks, months or even years to plan, and with so many competing factors like ‘planning the perfect wedding’, ‘wrangling relatives’, ‘the wedding dress’, ‘social anxiety’, or even a ‘fear of flying for the honeymoon‘, pressure can start to build leading to stressing over every detail, trouble sleeping and living on edge. 

At its extreme, wedding stress and anxiety can lead to chest tightness, sweaty palms and even panic attacks.  This can take a terrible toll on your relationships with loved ones and can be enough to turn your big day into something that creates terrible fear and dred.

Experiencing stress and anxiety in some form is extremely common with most brides and grooms reporting* nervousness in the lead up to or on their wedding day, so you are not alone with what you are going through. But it doesn’t have to be this way, it’s time to STOP, TAKE A BREATH & Email or Call Phil @ Reflective Resolutions on (03) 8080 2932.

Heres Why:

Phil has spent years gaining qualifications (from many of the world’s best)  so that he can help you remove the stress, fear and anxiety from your life and help you achieve a stress free wedding day!  Phil’s treatment consists of techniques that are safe, effective and clinically proven. Clinical hypnotherapy is an all natural process, meaning there are no medications, herbal remedies or complex algorithms.  Nothing is scripted, so it doesnt matter whether the stress is related specifically to your wedding day or has wider implications like the ability to speak in public, Phil can design a strategic session tailored to your individual needs. 

If you want to break free of the wedding jitters, fears, phobias and anxiety – now is the time. Phil provides a rapid, effective and natural therapeutic approach that is proven to get results. Phil constantly seeks out the world’s best teachers so he can continuously improve his own skills. He is regarded as an expert in his field, and has a successful track record working with even the most severe cases of anxiety, fears and phobias.

He also stands by what he does 100%!  So much so, he offers his new clients ‘a 30 minute no obligation FREE TRIAL.’ Come in, sit down and have a chat, if after 30 minutes you don’t think his approach is right for you then you can get up and walk away – completely obligation and cost free.

No matter how big or small your special day will be, if you want the planning process to be a breeze and you want a stress free wedding day that is  memorable for all the right reasons then give Phil a call on (03) 8080 2932.  If email is your thing then drop Phil a line via the contacts page.

Do you want a stress free wedding?

For more information about how Phil’s strategic hypnotherapy treatment can help you have a stress free wedding day then explore the site and have a look at what others are saying about Reflective Resolutions .  If you have any specific questions then don’t forget to have a look at the FAQ page where he provides immediate answers to commonly asked questions about his services.

(*source: survey of 299 brides. http://fearcourse.com/Wedding-Nerves-The-Bride.html)

Phil’s aim is to get you long term results in the shortest time possible.  Your outcome is not based on a fixed number of sessions – individual results will vary as different people like different levels of support and have different things to learn and process on their journey.  Together he will design a treatment plan that is specific to you.